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Building Projects


Current Projects

Capitol Court Exterior Repairs

A project to clean and repair the historic Capitol Court building's exterior sandstone is scheduled to begin the week of Dec. 9, 2019. Work replace doors and fully restore the building's wood window frames began earlier this fall. There will be noise, parking and pedestrian impacts as well as dust at times. The noisiest work will typically occur in the morning hours. Signs with pedestrian detour and alternative parking information will be posted. The work is scheduled to last into the spring of 2020.

General Project Information

  • Facade restoration includes cleaning, repair of the historic sandstone masonry, and securing joints where pieces of sandstone meet (called tuckpointing), as well as improving the anchoring for the sandstone veneer where needed.
  • The building's original wood window frames will be restored.

Impacts and Mitigation

  • The parking office will assist affected parkers.
  • There will be signs and flaggers to direct pedestrians.
  • Window removal will be the main noise impact. To mitigate this impact removals will occur early in the morning. Windows areas will be secured.

Historic Preservation

Work on the building will comply with historic preservation requirements. For example, all scaffolding will be self-supported and not attached to the historic building façade.

Past Projects

  • 1989 Interior remodel for state use.
  • 1990 Building mechanical systems upgrades.
  • 2003 Tenant modifications addressing upgrades to the building’s mechanical systems as well as partitions between spaces and window repairs.

Building History

The building known as the Old Thurston County Courthouse, at the corner of 11th and Capitol Way, was erected in 1930 and designed by local architect Joseph Wohleb. In 1978 the courthouse functions were relocated to Olympia's westside, leaving the building vacant until 1989 when the state entered into a partnership with Lorig Associates to renovate the facility. Renovation was completed in 1991.

Capitol Court was built of Tenino sandstone. The 50,000 square foot, reinforced concrete building stands four stories tall capped by a small rectangular tower and flanked by two story projecting wings. The historic interior features include floors and wainscot of marble, plaster cove ceilings and a grand staircase.

Capitol Court, the name by which the Old Thurston County Courthouse is currently known, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Olympia Heritage Register.