Roadside Assistance

Call Roadside Assistance at (866) 329-3471 (Available 24 hours)

Provide the following information:

  1. WEX card number and expiration date
  2. Your personal fuel pin number
  3. Vehicle year, make, model and license plate
  4. Exact location of the vehicle (street address, cross street, etc.)
  5. Phone number you are calling from

If Fleet Rescue is unable to get the vehicle running, tow the vehicle to:

Within Thurston County: Outside Thurston County:
1312 Fones Road, Olympia WA, 98501 (DES Fleet Ops) The nearest repair facility or dealership. Contact the maintenance office for details and guidance (800) 542-6840

Contact Fleet Operations the next business day for further instructions.

Roadside assistance is available for all 'M' plate vehicles. In all cases, be sure to contact us at 800-542-6840 as soon as possible. Leave a message if beyond normal business hours.