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Transport & Storage

Transport Services

Our drivers transport supplies (including vehicles and heavy equipment) anywhere in the state with our fleet of trucks.

Storage Solutions

We manage storage space in Tumwater for short and long-term rental needs. We can accept shipments directly from your vendors, and coordinate with transport services to deliver goods wherever and whenever you need them.

Transportation rates - per pallet

Pallet Space (42x48x54)
Local delivery$40.00per pallet space
Western WA delivery$55.00per pallet space
Eastern WA delivery$75.00per pallet space

Transportation rates - vehicle hourly rates

Vehicles and Equipment
Truck and driver$75.00per hour (rounded up to nearest hour)
Manual loading/unloading$30.00per hour

Warehouse storage rates

Pallet space (42x48x54)$6.00per pallet, per month
Manpower$30.00per hour
Per Order Picked$3.00each

Please e-mail for space availability and quotes.