Elemental Leadership

Course Code: 2288

This course applies the Elementary Leadership® model to facilitate participants’ leadership development. The Elemental Leadership ® (EL) model provides a structure for holistic leadership. It comprises 5 elements and 25 components surrounded by the organizational vision. Just as the elements of earth, water, air and fire are essential for life, we have identified fundamental elements of leadership in EL. The model effectively communicates a holistic approach to leadership: it addresses who a leader is, what a leader does, and emphasizes the importance of results being grounded in the organization’s values and moving toward the organization’s vision. 

Each of the five elements of EL—Grounding, Reflecting, Expanding, Inspiring, and Achieving—are critical in the growth of a successful leader. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

·       Become well grounded in your organizational values (grounding), knowing and embodying these values through your professional words, actions, and intentions;

·       Develop your self-awareness (reflecting) of individual strengths and challenges, communication and conflict resolution styles, recognizing the impact of your behavior and emotions

·       Be more skilled in building effective working relationships (expanding), exhibiting good character, and resolving conflict situations successfully

·       Establish vision (inspiring) and build teams around the vision through motivating and developing staff, anticipating the future, and leading through change

·       Lead your teams and the larger organization to achieve (achieving) meaningful and sustainable results in your work. 

Competencies Covered: Grounding to Values and Mission, Growth through Reflection, Awareness of Self, Capacity to Develop Others, Inspiring Yourself and Others, and Sustaining Achievements, Creating Intentional Leadership Cultures 

Intended Audience: This training is intended for leaders both in formal or informal roles and is best tailored to those who are responsible for developing others—supervisors, mentors, team leads, etc.