Johari Window

Course Code: 2289

Leaders explore, discover, and foster the potential of their team. Great leaders also explore, discover, and foster their own potential. 

Expanding your self-awareness and self-disclosure offers great potential for growth and achievement. In this training, you will become familiar with the Johari Window model, practice applying the model, and gain insight into how Blind Spots may get in the way of effective leadership. You will also develop a plan for moving your hidden traits and characteristics into the open. 

To maximize your experience in this training, we recommend coming prepared to reflect on yourself. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

·       Become familiar with the Johari Window model of self-awareness and self-presentation

·       Apply the model to your own situations to gain a higher level of self-awareness

·       Gain an insight int your “blind spot,” how it may get in the way of building effective relationships, and develop a plan for moving the characteristics from the blind spot to other quadrants of Johari Window 

Competencies Covered: Self-awareness, reflection, presentation skills 

Intended Audience: This training is appropriate for all people who wish to build more intention on how they present themselves and gain a more accurate lens into how they are received by others.