Systems Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

Course Code: 2326

Systems Intelligence introduces participants to the principles and practice of systems thinking (as defined by practitioners such as Peter Senge, Linda Booth Sweeney, and Donella Meadows). The course is interactive and experiential, with multiple somatic learning components. Participants learn through somatic/movement, manipulating course materials (Habits cards), reflection and conversation with each other, working with examples from their personal experience, and presenting their thinking to the whole group. The goal of this course is to awaken and cultivate the capacity for thinking and acting systemically when responding to complex challenges. 

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

·       Understand the “Habits of a Systems Thinker”

·       Be able to use the Iceberg model to decide where to intervene in a system

·       Know the value of skilled inquiry

·       Appreciate their interdependent relationships with others

·       Understand how they might be contributing to the very problem they are trying to solve 

Competencies Covered: Team building, Leadership development 

Intended Audience: Anyone who faces complex challenges in their work. This includes individual (aspiring) managers or leaders at any level as well as whole teams. It is especially effective if multiple people from an organization or team share the experience.