Facilitation & Presentation

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Course Code: 2340
Are you tired of leading or attending unproductive or dysfunctional meetings? This highly interactive online training provides participants with a foundation in the concepts, processes, and skills for designing and facilitating meetings, with an emphasis on group success and well-being. Create a thriving and peaceful community where individuals actively use effective and respectful communication skills to live and work by.

 Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Listen effectively to surface people's interests, support negotiation, and encourage decision-making
  • Deal with difficult behaviors in meetings
  • Understand styles of relating, group dynamics, and dealing with power imbalances
  • Implement best-practice strategies for effective communication and meeting facilitation

  • Competencies Covered: Assess styles of relating and contributing during meetings, Identify different types of meeting structures, Understand the of roles of meeting participants, Use new communication skills and facilitation tools to reach objectives, and Recognize the impact of cultural diversity and power imbalances on meeting proceedings.

    Intended Audience: Leaders, Managers, Trainers, Public Sector Employees