Customer Service

Managing Customer Service

Course Code: 2463

Customer service is an important part of any organization including Washington State government. It is essential to invest in training their employees to ensure that customers have a positive experience. However, there are two aspects of customer experience that are beyond the control of front-line staff: process and product. If processes are inefficient or if products are unsatisfactory, customers will be unhappy.

This course provides supervisors and managers with the tools they need to identify and improve impediments to improve customer satisfaction. Through this workshop, managers will learn how to identify issues, make improvements, and create a roadmap for completing the process. They will also be given tools to assess customer satisfaction and make sure that their customers are happy with their experience. By the end of the course, managers will have the knowledge and skills they need to ensure their customers are satisfied with their service.

Participants will receive free follow-up coaching from the instructor as they begin to improve their service to end-users.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify and discuss the five elements of customer satisfaction.
  • Explain and analyze the four stages of a customer service process.
  • Evaluate and propose improvements to their own customer service process.
  • Develop and suggest ways to enhance the end-user experience with the product.
  • Measure the time impact of changes made to the customer service process and product.

Competencies Covered: Customer service, Assessing and improving customer satisfaction

Intended Audience: Public service employees and managers