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Passenger Vehicle Purchase Request


The operating budget that Governor Chris Gregoire signed May 2, 2012 includes a proviso that orders the director of the Department of Enterprise Services to give written approval before any state agency can make a passenger vehicle purchase.

Please note: This proviso is still in effect for state agencies, and is the first step in purchasing a passenger vehicle. Customers who are not state agencies can use the contracts to purchase directly from the auto dealers. Fleet Operations will handle this process for state agencies with fleets managed by DES.

When purchasing passenger vehicles through state contracts, state agencies should take into careful consideration the business need. Before signing off on vehicle purchase requests, DES Director Chris Liu will review the following criteria:

  • Vehicle(s) are included in agency’s biennial vehicle purchase plan.
  • Written approval from the director of the agency making the request.
  • Type of vehicle being requested.
  • Expected use and location of the vehicle.
  • If this is a new vehicle, what is the business need?
  • If it is a replacement vehicle, what is it replacing?
  • Current mileage of the vehicle being replaced. Current retirement mileage is a minimum of:
    • 100,000 miles for gas-powered sedans and station wagons.
    • 115,000 miles for hybrid sedans and SUVs.
    • 115,000 miles for small to mid-size SUVs and trucks.
    • 130,000 miles for full-size trucks and vans.
  • Annual usage.
  • Fuel efficiency. Executive Order 05-01 directs agencies to give preference to hybrid vehicles.

The Passenger Vehicle Request Form is available online. The signature of the requesting state agency director is required prior to any review. An electronic version of the signed form should be emailed to