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Passenger Vehicle Purchase Request


How do I get a new vehicle?

  1. Executive and small cabinet agencies not requesting a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) must obtain approval from the State Efficiency Environmental Performance (SEEP) office prior to any non-BEV purchases. Link to non-BEV purchase exemption criteria and process can be found here. 
  2. Complete the Passenger Vehicle Request Form.
  3. Have the form signed by your agency director.
  4. Submit the form to

What happens next?

  • The Director of the Department of Enterprise Services or authorized representative gives written approval. RCW 43.19.620.
  • A Fleet Operations representative is assigned to your request and will contact you.

Fleet Operations will handle this process for state agencies with fleets managed by DES.

  • Executive Order 21-04 outlines fleet electrification targets for state and executive cabinets agencies .
  • Directors must consider the benefits and costs for purchases that affect greenhouse gases or other toxic substances.
  • Directors shall also prioritize battery electric vehicles or better emerging technology.
  • For vehicle classes in which battery electric vehicles are not available, agencies shall prioritize the most cost effective low emission options available.

What if I am not with a state agency?

Customers who are not state agencies can use the contracts to purchase directly from auto dealers.