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This is a listing of all real properties declared surplus and currently for sale by DES on behalf of state agencies, boards, and commissions. The properties have gone through the offer process to all governmental entities, have received no interest and are now available for sale to the general public. For more information on each specific property, use the hyperlinked project number - the highlighted number on the left side of the posting - to access the surplus property bulletin.

The surplus property bulletin describes the property for sale. If the proposed deadline stated in the bulletin has expired, then the property is being actively marketed until it is sold.

For more information about a property, or to submit a proposal to purchase the property, email Stefanie.Fuller@des.wa.gov. If you are submitting a purchase proposal, please include the terms and conditions for purchasing the property (e.g., purchase price, earnest money, due diligence period, and closing date).

Project Number Address Closing Date Price