Public Employers

The Washington State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has provided employee assistance services to state agencies for over 40 years. Now a part of Enterprise Services, EAP offers a full line of services to other public service employers across the state on a contract basis. As a long-term provider for state agencies, the EAP understands the issues that face public service employers, and its network of contract providers makes it uniquely qualified to offer services across the state.

The EAP network ensures good coverage regardless of location

In recent years, the EAP has expanded its service coverage and improved efficiencies by contracting with local professionals for client assessment and short-term problem-solving. These local providers can also provide referral services. EAP services are confidential and free to employees. Learn more about the Network Provider program.

What can the EAP do for you?

As a public service employer, participating in the EAP makes your employees and their families eligible for free EAP services and referrals. The referrals are often coordinated with the employee's health care provider and community resources. See "Services for Employees."

The EAP also assists managers, supervisors, and HR professionals with workplace or supervisory issues. Supervisors will have access to expert consultation in a variety of areas including effective interaction with employees, managing conflict among employees and in the workplace, and managing threats of violence. See "Services for Supervisors & HR Professionals."