Statewide Mediation Services

One of the most difficult challenges a supervisor faces is handling disputes between their staff. Dealing with conflict might feel uncomfortable and time consuming, but supervisors must address the discord before it escalates. Workplace conflicts not only affect the parties involved. They can create higher stress levels, increase absenteeism, and reduce productivity throughout the office. Supervisors must find a solution that feels fair and equitable to all involved without taking sides.

‚ÄčProfessional mediation can help. Mediation has a proven success rate in resolving workplace disputes.

The mediator:

  • Facilitates a conversation with the staff experiencing the office conflict.
  • Offers staff the opportunity to talk about the issue within a safe, comfortable, confidential setting.
  • Helps staff explore miscommunication, find commonalities, and develop agreements with the parties involved.

The DES master contract for mediation services is no longer active, but mediation services continue to be available through dispute resolution centers across the state.

  • Organizations can access professional mediation directly from the dispute resolution centers. Costs/fees vary from center to center.
  • Organizations' employees, including supervisors and workgroups, can use mediation services to help resolve conflicts.

If your organization is interested in exploring mediation options or to learn more about mediation, please visit Resolution Washington, the member association for the dispute resolution centers. Resolution Washington also provides a directory of the dispute resolution centers.