Information Technology

Course Name

Course Code
Access 2010 Level 1 01-04-T779
Access 2010 Level 2 01-04-T780
Access 2010 Level 3 01-04-T781
Access 2016 Level 1 01-04-D731
Access 2016 Level 2 01-04-D730
Access 2016 Level 3 01-04-D729
Access Applications 01-04-D715
Acrobat DC 01-04-D735
Acrobat Pro DC 2386
Adult Learning Theory 2350
Application Programming Interface Overview 01-05-T927
Architecture for Agile Solution Delivery 01-05-T923
Articulate Storyline 3 & 360 Essentials Level 1 01-04-T918
Articulate Storyline 3 & 360: Beyond Essentials Level 2 01-04-T921
Articulate Storyline: Tips, Tricks, and Gamification 01-04-T944
ASP.NET Core and Angular Programming 01-04-T922
Audio and Voiceover Basics 2347
C# Level 1 01-04-T901
Creating Blazor Server Apps with .NET Core 2388
Data Analysis, Integration, and Business Intelligence 01-05-T931
Data Warehouse Information and Overview 01-05-T930
Design Principles: What You Need To Know 01-04-D739
eLearning Accessibility Mini-Workshop 2391
eLearning Accessibility Workshop 01-04-T898
Excel 2013/2016 Pivot Tables 01-04-D712
Excel 2016-2019 Level 1 01-14-D723
Excel 2016-2019 Level 2 01-04-D724
Excel 2016-2019 Level 3 01-04-D734
Excel Formula Favorites: 2013/2016 01-04-D747
Excel: Creating Dashboards 01-04-D746
Excel: Dynamic Excel Charts Made Easy 01-04-T945
Excel: Interactive Reports 01-04-T935
Excel: Tools Tricks and Tips 01-04-D752
Film and Video Basics 2348
Graphic Design Capstone 01-04-D742
HTML Level 1 01-04-T791
Illustrator CC Level 1 01-04-D749
InDesign - Designing Publications 01-04-D741
InDesign CC Level 1 01-04-D748
Internet Information Services 01-05-T925
ITIL Foundation 01-04-T856
Javascript Level 2: Jquery 01-04-800
Outlook 2016 Level 1 01-04-D727
Outlook 2016 Level 2 01-04-D728
Photoshop CC 01-04-D750
PowerPoint 2016 Level 1 01-04-D725
PowerPoint 2016 Level 2 01-04-D726
PowerShell Scripting 01-04-T650
Programming for the Non-Programmer 01-05-T924
Programming in SQL Servers Level 2 2387
Project Combo 01-04-T906
Relational Database Fundamentals 01-05-T928
Security: Internet Privacy and Browsing Anonymously 01-04-T910
SharePoint 2013 Administration 01-04-T859
SharePoint 2013 for Site Owners 01-04-T843
SharePoint 2013 for Site Users 01-04-T837
SharePoint 2016 for Site Owners 2384
SharePoint 2016 for Site Users 01-04-D743
Software Testing for Non-Programmers 01-04-T946
SQL Level 2: Stored Procedures and More 01-04-T830
SQL Overview for Basic SQL Constructs 01-05-T929
SQL Server Administration 01-04-T824
SQL Server Performance Tuning and Monitoring 01-04-T903
SQL Structured Query Language Level 1 01-04-T808
User-Centered Design and Usability 101 01-04-T820
Video Editing Basics 2349
Visio 2016 Level 1 01-04-T907
Visio 2016 Level 2 01-04-T942
Web & Internet Security 01-04-T853
Web Application Development with ASP.NET 4 01-04-T777
Web Design & Usability Techniques 01-04-T084
Web Design Principles 01-04-D745
Word 2013 Level 2 01-04-D701
Word 2013 Level 3 01-04-D702
Word 2016 Level 1 01-04-D722
Word 2016 Level 2 01-04-D732
Word 2016 Level 3 01-04-D733
Writing for the Web 01-03-EW44
XML/Javascript for the Non Tech 01-05-T926