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Sole Source Contracts Database


Important Notice: The Personal Services Contracts Database (PSCD) has been modified to meet sole source and emergency contract filing requirements under RCW 39.26.

Sole source and emergency contracts are filed with the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) exclusively through the Sole Source Contracts Database (SSCD). SSCD was developed to automate many of the tasks associated with filing sole source and emergency contracts.

The database is available only to state agencies and institutions of higher education. You may access the SSCD by selecting the proper link (depending on whether you are located inside or outside the statewide intranet) located above.

Login to the SSCD

If you need access to the SSCD, contact Drew Zavatsky, Christine WarnockZoe Mroz and Brooke Jensen.

Applicable State Laws

RCW 39.26 requires DES approval of sole source contracts prior to start of work and review of emergency contracts. Review and approval is conducted by DES and is based on contract filings submitted by state agencies for certain categories contracts and amendments.

Applicable Policies

Contract filing requirements

Sole source and emergency contract filing requirements are listed in the Applicable Policies listed above.

To aid in the filing process, please use the filing justification samples.


Please see the online help information within the SSCD. For additional assistance, please contact DES at (360) 407-2210 or email.