Current Projects Advertised for Consultant Selection

Contact Information

E&AS Selection Administrator

Katy Stark
(360) 407-8209

DSHS Selection Administrator

Luda Rybalchenko
(360) 902-8316

DOC Selection Administrator

Sarah Kimmel
(360) 725-8359

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Project name Project documents Due Date/Selected Firm

Fine and Applied Arts Replacement Pre-Design

Community Colleges of Spokane

Spokane, WA

2018-063 SFCC Fine and Applie Arts Replacement Predesign RFQ 3/20/18

Water System Replacement

Department of Corrections
McNeil Island

McNeil Island, WA

30003213 Water System Replacement RFQ 3/12/18

128 Bed Minimum Camp

Department of Corrections
Maple Lane Correctional Center

Centralia, WA

30001168 128 Bed Minimum Camp 3/12/18

Boiler Replacement

Department of Corrections
Clallam Bay Correctional Center

Clallam Bay, WA

30000130 Boiler Replacement RFQ 3/12/18

Replace Heat Exchangers

Department of Corrections
Stafford Creek Correctional Center

Aberdeen, WA

30000523 Replace Heat Exchangers RFQ 3/12/18

Replace Roofs - Building R1, R2 and R3

Department of Corrections
Washington Correctional Center

Shelton, WA

30000654 Replace Roofs RFQ 3/12/18

Transformer and Switches Project

Department of Corrections
Washington Correctional Center

Shelton, WA

3000143 Transformer & Switches RFQ 3/12/18

Pattison Maintenance, Operations and Administrative (MOA)
Facility Expansion & Rehabilitation

Intercity Transit

Olympia, WA

10013173 RFQ - Pattison Base Expansion
Master Plan Report 2010 (1 of 3)
Master Plan Report 2010 (2 of 3)
Master Plan Report 2010 (3 of 3)
Master Plan Report 2010 Appendices
Pattison Base VE Study


Campus Master Plan & Economic Analysis

Fircrest School


1001243 RFQ - Campus Master Plan

Added 2/5/18
1001243 Informational Meeting Sign-in
1001243 Master Plan and Rezon walk-through Agenda


DSHS-WSH: Master Plan Update

Western State Hospital


1001227 RFQ - DSHS-WSH Master Plan Update 2/21/18

Olympia Transit Center Expansion

Intercity Transit


1001114 RFP
1001114 Schematic Design Report
1001114 Drawings

Added 1/18/18
IT Transit Center GCCM Addendum 1
Final Proposal Form Addendum 1
Change Order Log
Environmental Subsurface Investigation
Groundwater Monitoring Report
Geotechnical Engineering Services
Sign in Sheet


Programming and Predesign Services

GHS Recreation Building Replacement


1001143-GHS Recreation Building Replacement RFQ

Posted 1/19/18
1001143 Annotated Meeting Notes


Predesign Services

Eastern State Hospital

Medical Lake


1001081-Boiler Plant RFQ
Phase II Score Sheets
Phase III Final Scores


Cortner Architecutral Company Selected.

17-19 On-Call Testing Services

Eastern Washington

On-Call Testing Services RFQ
On-Call Testing Services Score Sheets

Allwest Testing & Engineering Selected
Strata Selected


Student Housing Facility - Design Build

Whatcom Community College

Bellingham, WA

1001065 RFQ

Attachment 1 - Feasibility Study
Attachment 2 - Inclusion Plan
Attachment 3 - Master Plan
Attachment 4 - Price Factor Form
Attachment 5 - Critical Areas Report

Added 11/9/17
1001065 Addendum 1
Sample Preliminary Agreement
Sample General Conditions
Sample Contract

Pre-Submittal Sign In

Added 12/11/17

WCC Housing Proprietary Meeting
WCC Development & Design Standards

Added 1/3/18

1001065 Addendum 2
1001065 Finalist's Interview Outline

Added 1/11/18

1001065 Final Score Sheets



Tiger/Ankrom Moisan Selected

Engineering and Architectural Services routinely advertises for consultant services on projects where consultant fees are expected to exceed $350,000. This page lists those projects that are currently advertising via the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce and the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) with NIGP Commodity Code 914-84 Trade Services Construction Non-classified.

For more information on each project, call the reference noted in the individual advertisements. For general information about these projects, email Engineering and Architectural Services at Consultants selection for projects with fees under $350,000 use the AE Reference File.

Please address submittals to:

Department of Enterprise Services
Engineering and Architectural Services
PO Box 41476 Olympia, WA 98504
Attn: - (see Advertisement.)

Faxed copies will NOT be accepted.