Course Name

Course Code
Accessible Document Design for Beginners 01-03-EW68
Accessible Office Documents 2312
Adult Learning Styles 01-03-EC23
Advanced Professional Skills for Creative, Willing Partnerships with Customers 2467
Assertive Communication 01-03-E075
Business Writing 2404
Collaboration in the Workplace 01-03-EC32
Communicate to Connect: Skills for a Healthy Workplace 2265
Communication Styles & Skills Advanced 2385
Communication Styles & Skills for Employees 01-03-E015
Conflict De-escalation: How to Respond when Emotions Run High 2264
Conflict Happens! Skills to Move Forward 2266
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations for Accountability 01-03-EC33
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations For Mastering Dialogue 01-03-EC03
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue Online (eLearning) 01-03-ECOE
Editing & Proofreading for Public Sector Professionals 01-03-EW39
Editing Skills Review 01-03-EW55
Effective Communication 2406
Email Essentials: Maximizing Efficiency and Crafting Clear Messages 2420
Emotional Intelligence - Foundations & In Practice 01-03-EC39
Emotional Intelligence in Practice: Manage Workplace Emotions 01-03-EC35
Employee Retention: Harnessing the Power of Appreciation 2399
Foundations of Emotional Intelligence 01-03-EC36
Grammar Foundations 01-03-EW53
Grammar Review 01-03-EW28
Internal Dialog: The Language We Speak 2299
Interpersonal Conflict Resolution 01-03-E00T
Listening Skills 2302
Negotiation - Real World Strategies for the Professional Setting 2435
Negotiation Skills for Women 01-03-EC47
Plain Language - Writing and Design 01-03-EW50
Policy Writing Workshop 2254
Selling Yourself to your Customer - Building a Winning Image with Your Clients 2468
Technical Writing for Public Sector Professionals 01-03-EW37
Technical Writing: Editing Techniques 01-03-EW59
Technical Writing: Proofreading Techniques 01-03-EW60
The Excellent Communicator – Advanced Communication Skills for the Professional Setting 2465
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits for Conflict Management 2471
Understanding People Through Strengths 01-03-E056
Writing Emails 01-03-EW64
Writing Minutes & Meeting Notes 01-03-EW19
Writing Policies & Procedures 01-03-EW10
Writing Skills for Public Sector Professionals 01-03-EW04