Glass and Stone Mosaic Mural

Made by Jean Cory Beall, 1959

Glass and Stone Mosaic Mural by Jean Cory Beall, 1959

Mural highlight number one shows airplanes and an air traffic control tower
Mural highlight number two shows a cow
Mural highlight number three shows Ms. Beall's signature and the year '59 made from pieces of cut glass and stone.

The mural is made of small squares or “tesserae” of Byzantine glass and stone, and is constructed on a gently curved wall. Each piece was hand-cut in Venetian factories. Artist Jean C. Beall was a celebrated and respected Seattle artist and remarkable as a role model for women in the arts at that time. She was an early proponent for a percent for art within public construction budgets, and in 1961 was selected by Governor Albert Rosellini to serve on the State’s inaugural Arts Commission. She served two terms.

This art is located in the Helen Sommers Building.