Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia
Giant Sequoia Needles
Giant Sequoia Trunk


Sequoiadendron giganteum



Campus Location

Just north of Tivoli Fountain

Native Range

Western areas of the Sierra Nevada range in California


  • The giant sequoia is an evergreen. It can grow more than 200 feet tall and be 20 to 26 feet wide.
  • It's susceptible to scale, mites and cankers.
  • Landscape uses include specimen, parks, windbreak and screening for large areas.

History and significance:
U.S. conservationist John Muir led a campaign to preserve this species, which led to the 1890 designation of Sequoia National Park. Millions of people visit groves of giant sequoias because of the tree's size and the distinctive ecosystem found in its groves.

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