Evergreen Magnolia/Southern Magnolia

Evergreen magnolia/Southern magnolia/bull bay  (Magnolia grandiflora)


Magnolia grandiflora



Campus Location

Near the east wall of the Temple of Justice, and best observed from the eastern esplanades of the Legislative Building

Native Range

Southeastern U.S.


  • Evergreen, growing 60-80 feet tall and 40 feet wide.
  • Bold, glossy leaves with prominent veins and texture, often with a warm red-brown fuzz on their undersides. The tree also has giant white blossoms that appear from May through October.
  • No known serious susceptibilities.
  • Landscape uses include specimen and planting in parks.

History and significance:
Its wood is used to make furniture, pallets and veneer. The seeds are eaten by squirrels, rabbits and birds. Its leathery, bold foliage is prized by florists.

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