Eastern Flowering Dogwood

Eastern Dogwood Tree
Eastern Dogwood Tree


Cornus florida



Campus Location

North of the Pritchard Building parking lot, and in the Visitor Center parking lot

Native Range

Eastern United States


  • Flowering trees that bloom every spring, about a month after the Pacific dogwood flowers emerge in April.
  • Deciduous, with a typical height of 30 feet, with a trunk diameter of up to 1 foot.
  • Susceptible to anthracnose and borer pests.
  • Landscape uses include patio and multiseason specimen plantings.

History and significance:
These trees don’t closely resemble the native Pacific dogwood in shape, but if you look at the blossoms, you can see that they are cousins. In the fall, these Eastern dogwoods have brighter, showier leaves than the Pacific version (Cornus nuttallii).

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